A Story About Togetherness by Taya IV

    I'm learning how to be comfortable in my own body again. The seasons have changed, warmer weather awaits, and I can see new promises glistening on the horizon. My linen dress sways gently every time I take a step. It fits me comfortably and is soothing, like a warm childhood memory awakened by a familiar touch. Touch. My senses are more alert than ever. The texture of the linen inspires me to take a walk. Being close to nature feels like a privilege now. My sister is waiting around the corner, impatiently tapping her foot. Her outfit is similar to mine and we slowly walk by the water, inhaling the freshness and exhaling the dullness of the past year. She grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly.  We see silhouettes in the distance. Couples walk hand-in-hand, children play together, and young people walk around enthusiastically. We're allowed to be closer to one another again. It's a strange feeling, being allowed to do something that you once took for granted. I've had to re-learn how to be in close proximity to other people, how to look them in the eye, how to listen to voices that no longer come from my phone. In essence, I'm learning to be human again. It feels as if after wilting and falling apart for some time, I'm blossoming again. The seasons have changed, warmer weather awaits. With my sister by my side, I look at the sun, all mellow and warm, and feel my heart falling in love with togetherness again. And all the while, my linen dress sways with the breeze, urging me to move forward with my life in a more positive way.

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