About us

Our Designer

Founder, Marta Cernovskaja, is a Siberian-born textile graduate who spent her young life in Lithuania and formative years in Brighton. She is now based in SE London by the Thames Barrier in Woolwich:

I started Lemuel MC in 2015 after being “made redundant” from a luxury design house due to my chronic skin condition. With my confidence at its lowest ebb, my partner persuaded me to invest my time and skills in what I love – design and linen; linen being something that, as well as being sustainable and beautiful, is breathable, antibacterial and anti-allergic for the skin. At the heart of Lemuel MC is my belief (or fact?) that the future of fashion must be ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Linen should play a big role. It is a natural fabric grown without the need for pesticides and with less water than cotton, and is durable and kind to even the most sensitive skin. Even if I didn't make linen clothes, I'd be wearing it every day. Linen is so tactile and beautiful, and as well as the sustainability aspect, my second aim is to show that linen is not just for summer, but is perfect for winter too, being both breathable and perfect for layering.

I founded Lemuel MC to harness the beauty and sustainability of linen with timeless “perfect simple” design and a commitment to a transparent and ethical way of working, showing with both our clothes and way of business that fashion can make the world a better place.

Photo by Laima Arlauskaite