Finding New Inspiration with Beeswax Candles: A Journey of Renewal

Finding New Inspiration with Beeswax Candles: A Journey of Renewal

Close-up of a unique hand-sculpted beeswax candle

Since 2016, I've poured my heart into creating linen clothes and building a community around Lemuel MC, centered on sustainability and craftsmanship. However, the past year brought unexpected challenges. I found myself struggling with motivation and exhaustion, nearly leading to the closure of my beloved brand.

Img: Photoshoot with Monika and Soar Botanics Candles

During this tough period, the support of my creative friends, Sanne Hop and Monika from Soar Botanics, became a beacon of hope. They introduced me to the art of beeswax candle making. Inspired by their beautiful creations, I began exploring this new medium. This creative process not only reignited my passion but also helped me navigate the mental and physical challenges of perimenopause.

Img: Photoshoot with Moira at her studio before I moved in. Painting in the background by Tim O'leary

Another pivotal change was moving my studio. The cost and loneliness of working alone had become overwhelming. I relocated just one floor below in the same building and began sharing the space with Moira Lam. Her art direction, paintings, and incredible listening skills have been a constant source of inspiration. Moira has become my new partner in crime, making the creative journey much more enjoyable.

Creating beeswax candles brought a new spark to my life and Lemuel MC. The tactile, meditative process of moulding and sculpting beeswax became a form of therapy, allowing me to reconnect with my creativity and find joy in making once again.

Through this journey, I've discovered the profound connection between creativity and well-being. Beeswax candles have not only added a new dimension to Lemuel MC but also saved me from giving up on my dream. Each candle I make carries this story of resilience, transformation, and the beauty of finding light in the darkest times.