Beauty of Linen

Warm In Winter

Linen is an elegant, tactile, sustainable, long-lasting natural fibre. Kind to the skin, it's cooling in summer, and warms you up when it‘s cold.
​Naturally antibacterial, linen allows skin to breathe. It does not cause allergic reaction.Linen is strong (about two to three times stronger than cotton). It is wear-resistant, and even absorbs humidity.
We use different weights and thicknesses of linen, which means that there is always a garment perfect for English weather, either on its own or part of a layer.
Each artisan product listing includes a "Linen Quality" section, so you know the weight of the fabric used.

Photo by Laima Arlauskaite

Ancient Fibre

Linen may be the oldest crafted textile, with evidence of flax cultivation going back 34,000 years. In ancient Mesopotamia, linen was the rare and extremely valuable fabric of choice for royalty and the priesthood. This trend continued with the Egyptians, who went to great effort to make the material as white as possible, with the aim of creating something that looked like “woven moonlight”. Read more of this fascinating and ancient story

Photo by Laima Arlauskaite

Easy To Care

Linen can be washed in a washing machine (but check the instructions!) and may be dry cleaned if you wish. Part of the beauty of linen is that washing makes it softer. When dry, we think the wrinkles add to the
unique natural beauty of the fabric, but you can iron them smooth for a more refined look. To best protect the garment, we would advise you to iron from the inside.

Photo by Laima Arlauskaite